Hi baby girl Cookie,IMG_2122

A couple of days ago you have finally left my twin sister’s belly after 41 weeks, YEAH!!!!! I’m extremely happy, overjoyed, thrilled, excited, blown away, literally no words apply! We know each other for 9 months now and have met quite often in our dreams but TOMORROW we’ll meet for the first time in person!!!!!! I can’t wait to check if you really smell like vanilla flavoured cookies, like people say you do.
Oh, I must warn you though, don’t be surprised if Karrie Joon doesn’t look the same as your mummy, my watery eyes will most likely be to blame. Cause although my Qatar Airways flight doesn’t leave for another 8 hours, my eyes have already started to fill with tears of joy, thinking about holding you in my arms!

Welcome to you, the prettiest “almond-shaped-eyes” baby girl in the world….SAABA SAHAR!!
Welcome to my life, family, heart and to this beautiful world full of dreams. A world in which anything and everything is possible, as long as you believe and have faith. So believe in yourself little cutie pie and let life surprise you like a “breeze from the East”. Don’t forget that new adventures are around the corner every day and always be prepared something AMAZING is about to happen!

Let’s speak a language only we can understand
Let’s climb every tree we can find
Let’s drink imaginary tea
Let’s eat cake every day!!!

XO and merry Christmas,
Karrie Joon
P.S. I love you!


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