Name: Lonneke (nickname: Lonnie)

Profession: Make-up artist

Kids: Jelte 5 years & Brent 4 years

Sending Kisses Overseas: to my friends in Sidney & Griffith


6.45 AM

My alarm clock starts beeping.

After a quick shower I get dressed and then I select the outfits for my boys, usually brands like “Tumble ‘N Dry” & “Name It”. My morning beauty routine includes “Chanel le lift” eye cream and make up from “Smasbox” to cover up my out of bed look.

7.30 AM

I really need my coffee (with milk) and finish my second cup before 8 am. The best breakfast snack to go with my morning coffee is a slice of ordinary Dutch gingerbread.

8.30 AM

The first challenge of my day: (after applying my make up with sleepy eyes and getting my kids ready to leave the house) is beating the morning traffic while dropping my kids at school and heading to work.

12.30 PM

During my lunch break I go to “Bakker Bart” and get myself a (no butter) brown bread old cheese sandwich. Unlike most people I eat my sandwich by tearing it into bite-size pieces before putting it into my mouth…a strange habit (I know)…I picked up as a teenager avoiding my lip-gloss to fade.

6.30 PM

The first thing I do when I am back from work is giving my kids and husband a big hug. If my trousers were too tight that day I will change into my comfy outfit (which you really don’t wanna see) and start preparing dinner. Preferably I cook organic and vegetarian dishes yet making sure my kids get all the vitamins they need.

8.30 PM

Like every working mom my daily to do list is endless and it’s the never-ending pile of laundry that consumes the remaining hours of my day. Eating and drinking some grapes mean while eases the pain.

00.30 AM

In my dreams I think about my next holiday destination Le Marche (Italy) & the dark grey Volvo V60, which I would buy when winning the lottery or being promoted to Beyonce’s personal make up artist.


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