Becoming a first time mom

An impressive journey

LUNA TRAVELSDeciding that we wanted to have a baby was a huge step. I was waiting for that moment receiving a sign ‘Yes, It Is Time’! Well, trust me, in most cases that moment will never come. At least that was the case with me and with many of my friends. It is more like ‘I think I want it, but am I 100% sure? Let’s just give it a try’. I also had difficulties to leave, my uncomplicated, free lifestyle behind, and to start a new chapter. Very difficult! I was making up all kind of stories to not take the decision: what will happen with my career, we can’t travel that much anymore, being a mum is too decent, I will never get back that same body again etcetera etcetera.

But, finally, we took the step and the experience was way more different than I thought it would be. I now realize that it has everything to do with mindset and setting aside your assumptions. Below my insights of being pregnant and becoming a mum.

  1. Experiencing unconditional love – if you are one of the lucky few you already might have this feeling of love while being pregnant, but in many cases, like mine, it comes after the baby is born. As soon as your little one is born this unconditional love will grow, grow and grow. Amazing!
  2. Back in shape – while of course genes have a big influence, I am convinced that if you worked out regularly before and during pregnancy and you don’t see pregnancy as a free ticket for eating as much as you can (!), you can definitely get your body back.
  3. Hormones are sneaky bastards – hormones can really mess around, especially after giving birth. I didn’t recognize myself in these first few months (overprotective, too alert). These hormones influenced my complete system for a long time (10 months!) on such a subtle level that I didn’t even realized it, but I knew I was not at ease with myself. With some homeopathic pills I got rid of them within a month.
  4. Travel is still possible and fun – we have taken our baby to more than 11 countries in 2 years for shorter and longer trips and it was fun! Off course you have to slower your pace, but if you like traveling you can still do it. It is all about your mindset. Via my company I Like Local (unique travel experiences with locals) we recently stayed in two homestays in the Philippines. It was a wonderful experience, especially for our daughter.
  5. You will be still you – off course you will change as time goes by, everybody does, but you are still you: an individual, a friend, a lover, a colleague, a woman. I realized that I didn’t suddenly transform into a ‘typical mum’. I am still the same person who loves wine, likes to dress up, loves good dinners with friends, likes doing sports & yoga, and loves traveling.

An impressive journey will lay ahead of you when becoming a first time mom. Enjoy the journey as time flies by!

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