Almost there!

Dear “Nini”(your temporary name)

Thank you so much for waiting to be born, I promise I’m on my way flying to Amsterdam as we speak. Same as your daddy last week, I got unexpectedly upgraded to business class, which must be a sign that a “royal” baby is on its way; as such we must travel in style:-)!

Although, we’ve met in my dreams before, last night we met again …and oh my…what a joy you are! We had so much fun and I was able to study your cute little face from way up close. Your hair is a little lighter than I thought it was, actually it’s the same color as your big sister’s hair; golden brown & shiny. Your skin tone is so smooth and beautifully sun kissed. You have big almond shaped eyes (like your mummy) and a cute mouth similar to your daddy. Your nose is small and perfect but the brightest of all is your big smile. A smile that spreads happiness and joy. A smile that is bold and brave like the one of a new born king. Yes I know your gender is still a secret for everyone including your mum & dad but auntie Kaakie Joon just knows. I knew it from the start, 9 months ago and last night you confirmed and showed me again that you are an amazing little boy. Your soul is uplifting & courageous and I definitely can’t wait much longer to get to know you better!

A little bird recently told me about the name you might get. It has the great meaning of a shadow from the sunlight on a tree leave from far in the jungle. Even though I only know you for a very short time now, I’m convinced that: Like the origin of your name and Tarzan from jungle book, you’ll swing greatly through the jungle of life. Overcoming every challenge with your intelligence and battle any fight with your pure heart and great spirit. I know that you will probably want to play outside, all the time and your strong desire to discover the world will always be running through your veins but please…. please don’t grow up too fast. Just be a happy baby for now, ok? In return I will spoil you to dead yet saving and protecting you with my life. I promise to be right next to you, swinging through the jungle, enjoying every second of every day of every adventure that lays ahead of us.

I will help you grow strong with my UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and in case you would ever fall, my heart will always catch you (soft landings guaranteed!). So we have a deal? Great!

I’ll be seeing you soon little king of the jungle. Loving you forever!

XO Kaakie Joon

24 09
KARRIE Soul Sister