Hello Cookie,

You are the unborn baby in my twin sister’s belly (Eve), calling that your home for the past 8.5 months. As your expected arrival date comes closer, your auntie Karrie (aka Karrie joon) can’t be more excited to finally meet you in person. Karrie joon is so thrilled yet nervous about when you will start your way into this world. Your mummy has not yet started to pack her “hospital bag” but Karrie joon sure did. Since I live overseas (in Dubai) I have prepared everything to get on the first available flight back to the Netherlands to see you open your eyes for the very first time. I’m not telling your mummy and daddy so keep this a secret, but since my DNA is identical to your mummy’s I am definitely going to take all the credits for your pretty face and bright character:-) So dear cookie I can’t wait until you are finally here. I promise to care for you, cuddle you & watch you grow… I have loved you from your first heartbeat and will protect you with my life. And as your auntie I will of course spoil you badly…!! Loving you to the stars and beyond! Quoting Peter Pan:  “To live would be an awfully big ADVENTURE!!! ” we are going to have the best time EVER!!

See you soon cutie pie!!


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KARRIE Twinny Overseas