Recurring bad dream

Big milk-and-cookies

I’ve had a really bad dream last night…. No, not just the standard “easy to shake off when you turn on the lights” kind of bad dream. No this was the “insanely terrifying, causing sweaty palms, increased blood pressure, goose bumps all over and shivers down your spine for hours” kind of bad dream.

As a kid I always had this recurring bad dream. Sounds familiar…?

Mine was about a wicked witch standing in the open hallway of my home looking up to the first floor where I was standing behind the railing. If that wouldn’t be scary enough she would also come up and try to catch me!!!!

Last night I had a similar bad dream (at least as scary); I just hope this will not become the adult version of my childhood dream. In this version the wicked witch was replaced by a bald-headed, alien kind of ‘Gestapo officer’ who was shooting around but the ‘come and get me’ part was unfortunately the same. At a certain point I realized I was dreaming but I couldn’t wake up! You know that feeling? You are fighting to get out of a dream…it takes forever and ever. Arghhhhhh…horrible!

I know from my sisters, friends and being an auntie of 4, that it seems easy to forget how scary and real a bad dream can feel. Especially when one of the little ones is standing next to your bed for the millionth time; but last night reminded me we REAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLY never should forget how scary a dream like that can be. So get up to turn and leave on those bedside lights. Search actively for ghosts behind curtains, eliminate monsters under the bed and heat the stove for some comforting hot milk with cookies!!




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