For 4 weeks in a row I wanted to write this blog but there is simply no inspiration. This little fellow in my belly is taking over my body, my brain and my heart. With only one week until my due date hormones 2.0 are kicking in.

Last night when crying over a lamb chops smelling house (not in a “yummy I Love meat” way but in a disgusted “I want my house to be a spa” way) I realized that I just need to slow two more gears down.

To be perfectly honest there are no real “must do’s” left. Of course I come up with 10 more to do’s each day but they could all wait in case my little cookie would decide to leave the oven today.

The little bed, cute outfits and soft blankets are all in place. Even deciding on the names (boy and girl option, which took us 9 months) is finally crossed off our list! I’ve done some unnecessary cleaning and our bank accounts are empty so my hubby and me are ready to roll!

There are no delivery signs yet so it might take another two more weeks. Maybe cookie is just waiting for auntie Karrie Joon (who is down with the flu) to feel better soon. So she can fly into Amsterdam to finally cuddle, hug and kiss our XO Cookie Monster Baby.

For tomorrow the only thing on my to do list is buying a Christmas tree…making sure the house smells like pine trees instead of Lamb chops although our Iranian infused Cookie probably prefers the meat smell:)

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EVE Double Happiness