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Happy Skin Cream

Categorie: Cosmetics


HAPPY SKIN CREAM is a 100% natural body, face and diaper cream for babies and kids. This velvety cream is made in the Netherlands, using only the fanciest flowers and the fattiest nuts from overseas.

HAPPY SKIN CREAM gives your little one’s skin the forever holiday feeling: completely Zen and shamelessly refuelled with natural nutrition.

Use daily for body & face or as an instant relief cream for sensitive areas. HAPPY SKIN CREAM is so gentle it also prevents and recovers skin irritation underneath nappies. It contains 0% alcohol and creates a moisture repellent barrier between the skin and sources of irritation. Protects and enhances the natural healing process to instantly relieve inflamed skin and hydrates in an eyewink.

 How to use: Apply from tip to toe after bathing or during nappy change and repeat throughout the day at the first signs of dry, inflamed or itchy patches. Especially useful for areas where baby or toddlers clothes are rubbing and causing irritation. Perfect and safe for expectant and nursing mums as well.

Wherever you go this 100ml dispenser is always ready to go! While traveling overseas by plane, HAPPY SKIN CREAM is allowed in your hand luggage.

Globetrotting yummy ingredients like:

  • Organic Shea butter from Africa
  • Organic Coconut Oil from Asia
  • Organic Macadamia oil from Australia
  • Organic Almond oil from Asia
  • Natural Calendula Oil from Western Europe
  • Natural Aloe Vera extract from Africa

"Made in the Netherlands with fancy flowers and fatty nuts from overseas."


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