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XO was founded in 2012 by us. Dutch twin sisters Karrie & Eve. Kisses Overseas is the name of our Whatsapp group we started to stay connected while living seven seas apart. Messages and images crossing borders and passing time zones, while Karrie was living in London and Eve in Hong Kong. With a huge passion for Cosmetics and a rich background in Marketing, starting our own company was a natural thing to do.

With the lack of natural yet glossy skincare brands for kids, creating our own brand for this market was the obvious thing to do. XO products combine the greatest overseas ingredients and are specifically formulated to serve the needs of your little one’s skin. Everyone can enjoy our products, since they are suitable for the most delicate skin due to the pure and natural ingredients. Our skincare products are 100% natural and certified by EcoControl.








KISSES OVERSEAS creates glossy baby & kids essentials. Products that are City proof and travel friendly.

  • XO Cosmetics; 100 % Natural skincare
  • XO Lifestyle: timeless fabrics

XO is a brand for women with a fast paved lifestyle. Always on the go, working with passion and enjoying a little luxury in their day-to-day life. Finding the perfect products for your kids or looking for a unique gift is no longer a boring, time consuming task but just one click away.

With friends and family we work hard to create products that make your little one feel Royal. Let us know your thoughts so we can continue to grow our XO future with you:)







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